How to Speak Your Truth Without Being Abandoned


December 7, 2020

5 Week Online Group Program Utilizing Energy healing, Belief Clearing, Sacred Activations & Soul Wisdom 


Emotional wounds, negative beliefs and false paradigms are something we all struggle with. 

Fear of speaking your truth without abandonment is one of the most common ones I see.

It can impact you personally, making it difficult to have your needs heard by your partner and professionally, making it difficult to create what you Divinely want to create.  

This may resonate with you, especially if you have experienced some of these situations & feelings:

Did you learn as a child to be quiet, to be a good girl and just do as your told? 

Does your throat clench up with fear when you try to say something really important

Is it really hard for you to connect to your heart truth and express it in appropriate ways?  

Do you find yourself building up in emotions until they finally blow, either in tears or anger at the smallest provocation?

Do you wish someone would just "hear" what it is you are saying?

Do you notice you change your personal expression to fit others expectations. Kind of like a chameleon...

Maybe you alter your story to be just a bit more palatable to others.

Are you scared your significant other will leave you if you show who you really are?

Do you wish you felt like what you have to say is important? Do you wish the words you want to write would have a reason to be read?

All of these are manifestations of false beliefs. All of them are expressions of the wound you entered into this life with and were amplified through your experiences.

I'm here to share that this block can be cleared. You can move through it and learn to speak your truth, to be heard, to be emotionally authentic with your words and feelings in every moment of every day, without the fear of abandonment

Join me in this journey.

What you will receive:

Five week access to private Facebook group where you will receive journal prompts to help you uncover the subconscious and unconscious programing that is creating your experience, tools to assist you in taking action, weekly Facebook live clearing session with time included to ask questions

Pre-Access to Oath, Vow & Sacred Contract Clearing Healing Video

Clarity about how to move into alignment with your truth

Divine Truth Activation

Connect to Your Voice Activation

Wounded Child in the Womb Healing

Energy Sessions which include: addressing and clearing your fears, releasing the good girl, moving into alignment with your authentic self, reconnecting to your feelings, discovering your truth and letting go of the abandonment story

And so much more

All sessions will be posted in the Facebook Group for continued access during the programs duration. By the end of the program you will receive access to the course via private membership area. Included in this membership area will be any supplemental materials. You will have this indefinitely with unlimited access.

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Cost: $143

Who am I?

My Name is Sara Gasch with The Grounded Path,
I am

 A Master Teacher & Practitioner of Energy Healing.

A spiritual teacher and mentor that understands your Soul's Divine Purpose and the sacred journey you are on so that I can help you move from pain to purpose.

A woman that has walked this path and moved into alignment with love, self love, my truth, all while conquering my fear of abandonment

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Program Start Date: December 7, 2020