My love letter

Your heart is awakening to the possibility that you are here for more than what your pain, trauma, blocks, beliefs & fears are telling you.  You feel passionate about living in your purpose, but you're not doing it.  You have dreams, but haven't taken action on them.  Why?  What you have taken action on hasn't manifested the results you would like.  Again, why?  When you get real honest with yourself, you are creating a lot more of what you don't want than what you desire, and you just can't figure out why.

You have fears that are holding you back.  You have past trauma that still affects you today.  You are literally holding it in your cells.  
Along the way, you have created beliefs that now run the show and keep you from being who you came here to be.

I can help you identify these blocks and heal and transform.  I can help you shift into taking action on your dreams, living your passions and your purpose as you are meant to do.  I can help you create so much more of what you desire and release what is no longer serving you.

Don't let your suppressed fears hold you back any longer.  Don't let hidden trauma continue to take a toll on every area of your life.  Don't live from your wounded self when you can be living such an amazing life.

Learn to identify and shift the beliefs you created to keep you safe, that you no longer need and are now just getting in your way, so that you can be who you came here to be and create the life you want to be living now.  

Join me in awakening & aligning to your passion & purpose.
1:1 coaching, Seminars, Private sessions Soul Purpose Coach with Scientific Hand Analysis. Certified Advanced Hand Analyst with the IIHA. Master ThetaHealer® Instructor & Practitioner Master Reiki Practitioner, Instructor